Breakdance Fight!

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Breakdance Fight! A Grey's Anatomy Fic Collective
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The idea behind this comm is to have a place where people who write Grey's fic and people who read Grey's fic can come together and interact on a level beyond that of individual feedback. Often, as a fic writer, it's easy to get frustrated by a lack of ideas or a lack of direction in one's writing. And, as a fic reader, it can be irritating wanting to read a story about some subject, but not being able to find or write one yourself.

We have the solution.

How does this work? It's easy. To get involved, you just join the community. Everybody is totally encouraged to join, regardless of whether or not they plan to write fic. However, once you join, we ask that you help spread the love a little. Go to the prompt post, and post a comment with five (5) new prompts in it. That's all we ask, is a little bit to help keep the magic going. All prompts should be posted in your favourite of the following formats:
[character or pairing], [place], [prompt word or phrase]. ie: Meredith, locker room, ballet slippers.
[character or pairing], [prompt word or phrase]. ie: Derek, apprehensive.
[character or pairing], [type/genre of fic], [prompt word or phrase]. ie: George/Callie, romance, oxygen.

Try and include a variety of characters and situations in your prompts, if you can.

Writing & Posting
If you decide to write a fic in response to one of the prompts - that's awesome! But you should make sure you do it using the following steps:

1. Write a fic using the prompt you've chosen. There aren't any strict rules on how you have to use your prompt - the prompt word can be in the fic, but it doesn't have to be. Anything you post should be at least 100 words long, and there's a really flexible upper limit of 1000 words.
2. Post it to the community. Make sure you reference the prompt you used in the headers of your fic, so that we can go back and link to your fic from the prompt list. Also, any fic longer than exactly 100 words should be hidden under an lj cut. For help using lj cuts, try looking here.
2a. This community is all about being as inclusive as possible. So while we absolutely encourage people to write fic that has sex or slash or whatever else you can think of, try to make reference to the fact that your writing includes those kinds of elements in the headers of your fic. This just means listing the pairing, if your fic includes slash, or listing the rating/any other warnings that might be needed. We're all about the love, and writing whatever you want to is a part of that, but we want to make sure that people who have concerns about certain content can make informed decisions about what to read.
3. After you've "used" a prompt, go back to the original prompt master list and add two fresh ones to the comments. We definitely encourage the recycling of used prompts - multiple takes on the same topic are often really great to read, and can spark new ways of looking at an old subject - but we'd like to keep new ideas and challenges coming in as much as possible, to keep everything dynamic.
4. Bask in the glow of your newfound fame and respect.